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Montgomery dumpster rental: streamline spring cleaning.

Roll Off Dumpster Rentals: Important in the Season of Purging Almost everyone has belongings that make them feel sentimental, just by looking at or touching them: perhaps a family heirloom passed down through the generations or a locket given by a loved one. But, if you find yourself getting sentimental about nearly ALL of your possessions, even those that cause clutter and are never used, then you should read this helpful article about deciding what to keep and what to get rid of during spring cleaning season.   Do you need more help in deciding what to keep and what to toss out (remembering that donating items to charities is often a wonderful choice)? Here’s another article that can offer guidance. It guides you through a series of questions, including when you’ve last used a particular item, whether or not it serves multiple purposes (especially important in a smaller dwelling) and your feelings about that belonging. Once you’ve decluttered, then you can get down to the actual cleaning portion of spring cleaning – and here are 8 spring cleaning tips that help you work efficiently – and remember that we’ve provided more spring cleaning tips for residences here. Sizes of…

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Construction Industry News by Your Dumpster Rental Team in Mobile, AL

Construction Industry News by Your Dumpster Rental Team in Mobile, AL In a recent HomeAdvisor survey, 93% of respondents admitted that labor shortages are problematic – agreeing that this challenge will prevent business growth in 2016. A Construction Dive article calls labor shortages the white elephant in the room, something that needs discussed. So, what are solutions? Effective marketing of the industry is one, especially to younger workers. Specific marketing ideas suggested include: "make housing cool" "sell the idea that building something actually means something” capitalize on the popularity of HGTV by marketing on that channel to reach women who may be interested in working in the industry “make pitches for shop classes in schools in the same way that musicians and the entertainment industry pitch the benefits of music classes” Reaching young workers through educational institutions is another potential solution. Schools have put such a strong emphasis on college prep at the expense of vocational training – and a renewed focus on local training programs could help, including pre-apprenticeship programs in secondary schools that will help prepare students for the workforce. Finally, collaboration is crucial. If “trade groups, construction companies, advocacy organizations, and all other stakeholders affected by the…

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Dumpster rental company shares spring cleaning tips

Season of Purging Unwanted Items = Need for Roll Off Dumpster Rentals Experts suggest that we purge unwanted and unused items regularly but, even with the best of intentions, life gets busy and it’s easy to push this task to the bottom of the list. When that happens, we tend to rely upon spring cleaning to declutter – and, even then, it’s hard to know exactly how to get started! We often simply don’t know what to do with all the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years. Fortunately, we found a great article to help you to decide what to keep and what to toss out (and, remember that donating to charities is also a great option!). Highlights include asking yourself questions such as: When is the last time I’ve used this item? This article suggests purging items that you haven’t used in five months, although that rule wouldn’t apply to items with a seasonal niche, such as Christmas decorations or clothing that you wear only during the hottest days of the year. If you live in a small dwelling, does the item serve more than one purpose? Multipurpose belongings are keepers when space is at a premium. Do you…

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Commercial dumpster rental company shares insights

Mobile Dumpster Rental Company Shares Construction News So, what’s the white elephant in the room, something that construction professionals know about but are reluctant to discuss? Labor shortages! But, this topic needs attention. A HomeAdvisor survey found that “93% of industry respondents said the labor shortage is preventing their businesses from growing over the next year.” Of course, if you work in the construction industry, you’re already aware of the current skilled labor shortage, and need to find solutions. A Construction Dive article shares potential solutions, including marketing the industry to younger workers. "Say that it's technology, that it could be as glamorous as a tech job. There are a million great stories of innovation in construction. (Homebuilders are) so busy marketing to buyers, and especially millennial buyers. They should be interested in getting millennials interested in (jobs in) housing." In the United States, the shift away from vocational training to college prep has created a challenge for the construction industry. But a renewed focus on local training programs could help, including pre-apprenticeship programs in secondary schools that will help prepare students for the workforce. Collaboration is crucial. If “trade groups, construction companies, advocacy organizations, and all other stakeholders affected by…

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Dumpster rental process for house flippers and renovators

Mobile Dumpster Rental Pros Share Info about Alabama Home Flipping You may be a fan of one of the many house flipping shows on television these days: Flip This House, Flip That House, The Property Ladder and more. House flippers typically look at homes that, in their current condition, are not of interest to most buyers. Seeing their potential, the house flipper purchases the property, efficiently repairs the dwelling and then tries to sell it quickly. With profits, a flipper often buys the next property and repeats the process. One home flipper, Michael Levine, moved to Alabama when home sales in the state had increased by 19 percent over a year’s time (July 2014-July 2015). In the 2015 article, Levine discussed renovating and how he had sold more than 30 homes in Alabama over the preceding 18 months. One of the more memorable ones: he sold a home to two sisters-in-laws before he even had time to put up a “for sale” sign. When he began flipping homes in Alabama, he realized that many people wanted to buy a starter home, but not enough affordable choices existed. And, talk about a catch 22: often, a “minor issue like peeling paint…

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Dumpster rental pros give back to the Mobile community

Mobile, Alabama Dumpster Rental Company Raises the Roof! Two churches in Mobile are doing amazing work through their Raise the Roof Project collaboration: the Dauphin Way United Methodist Church and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Circle J-Roll Offs is collaborating with this home repair ministry in February 2016, providing the volunteers with the sizes of dumpsters they need to handle the waste from the roofing projects that they’ve taken on. Here’s how it works. People involved in the ministry connect with people in need who have roofing problems and then pair them up with high school volunteers and their adult leaders. In the past, groups have: Worked on homes over Christmas break, repairing a roof and ceilings, along with hole patching and painting Volunteered to repair to work on multiple sites during an annual service day Plus, Raise the Roof Project helped to bring motivational speaker Romal Tune to Mobile’s Davidson High School in March, 2015. “Romal’s message is one of hope and positive decision-making, which he shared with groups of middle & high school students, adults, and the children at Taylor Park Community Center.” Here is a video showing just one of their projects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbF1Iu-GuaA Residential Remodeling Need Done? Here’s…

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Dumpster renting needs in Mobile, Alabama

Local Housing News from your Mobile Dumpster Rental Pros Mobile, Alabama has been in the news lately, including when a website called RoadSnacks used “data and science” to determine Alabama’s ten most exciting cities – and, yes. Mobile made the list! In housing news, new home closings went up 7.7% from September 2014 to September 2015. And, new homes means new construction – and new construction means additional need for dumpster renting. As far as home remodeling news, if you don’t mind traveling to the northern part of the state in early March, you can get great home renovation tips from Brian Santos, author of best-selling home improvement books. He’ll be at the Building Home and Remodeling Show. Santos has provided his “Wizard Workshops” to more than one million people around the world – and has appeared on Good Morning, America; Today; Smart Solutions on HGTV; and TLC and the Discovery Channel. His clients include former quarterback Joe Montana, actress Doris Day and Star Wars creator, George Lucas. Ready to Remodel? Here’s How to Rent a Dumpster Once you become enthusiastic about a home remodeling project, it tends to grow in scope! So, here’s useful advice: don’t underestimate your plans.…

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Spring cleaning tips from your Mobile dumpster rental pros

Residential Dumpster Renting Tips for Spring Cleaning Projects Spring cleaning used to be backbreaking work, mostly done by women. In the 19th century, people spent the winter cooped up in homes heated by wood or coal, both dirty fuels, and lit their hones with smoky kerosene or whale oil. Once spring broke women worked from dawn to dusk for a week, lugging heavy carpets out to beat with paddles; scrubbing upholstery with brushes; and cleaning ceilings, walls, baseboards, floors and windows. Water, of course, needed hauled in – from creeks in rural areas and from hydrants in more urban areas. Men joked that they wouldn’t have hot meals during that week (and, often, they didn’t!) because there was no time to pluck chickens or heat wood stoves. Fortunately, spring cleaning isn’t that arduous in 2016. Here are tips for organizing your spring cleaning projects. Prioritize what’s most important in your decluttering. What’s in your basement or attic that’s already been there forever – and is likely to remain boxed up and unused? Do you need that swing set with the broken chains and broken post that nobody has used in years? How might that space be better used? Once you’ve…

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